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Take the stress out of Buying by working with City Brokers

No matter if you are buying or selling a home there are hundreds of decisions – some are big decisions that require a lot of planning and thought, and other decisions are much easier to make.

We have put together some easy to use checklists that will help you through the process.

Residential Buyers Checklist

This checklist will help you narrow down your search for your perfect home by taking your wants and needs into consideration. As you tour properties you can adjust your list to help ensure you are checking all of your boxes.

Becoming an Attractive Buyer

An attractive buyer helps increase your odds of sealing the deal on your dream home by showing sellers that you are serious and are ready to close the deal.

Our experienced agents will walk you through the entire process and answer all of your questions so that you can enjoy this very exciting time in your life.

Selling your Home is a Breeze when you work with our Team

For those of you selling a home or property we know just how daunting it can be. City Brokers is here to help. Our agents will work with you through the entire process from preparing your home for a showing to answering all your questions.

When you are ready to sell your home, below are a few quick tips on what you can do to prepare your property to be listed.

  • Make a list of what needs to be done and pick a reasonable list date that you can accomplish the tasks
  • Declutter your home
  • Freshen up the look of the rooms with new paint
  • Focus on curb appeal(fresh mulch, keep lawn mowed, toys out of yard, people will drive by)
  • The little things matter (complete those unfinished projects, put up that last piece of trim, etc.)
  • Have a plan for showings. Where will you go?
  • Clean – make the beds, put away dishes and clothes, vacuum, wipe down the counters, etc.
  • Interview your Agents – They will become your new best friend because you will be talking with them quite a bit through the process.

City Brokers utilizes Cutting Edge 3D Technology

We understand that showing your home to countless buyers that may or may not lead to a sale could be frustrating, especially if you are currently occupying the property. City Brokers uses cutting edge 3D virtual tour software to bring more qualified buyers through your property. The 3D software allows the buyer to preview your property without leaving their own home. This cuts down on the total number of disruptions many sellers experience by showing the home or property to only serious prequalified buyers who have viewed the 3D tour of the property.

Price Your House Right!

Most importantly you need to price your house right! City Brokers provides a FREE Comparable Market Analysis to let you know what your home or property is worth in the current market. This includes looking at comparable homes that have recently been sold or listed in your area and will provide you a price range in which you would expect to get offers if you listed your property. A City Brokers agent will also come to your home and provide you FREE advice on how you can maximize your profit if certain updates are required or if it is smarter to sell the property as is.

Not all sellers are in the same situation. Some people need to sell their current home in order to buy their new home while others do not have to wait and can buy and sell at the same time. Your City Brokers agent will develop a plan that is best for your individual situation and will be with you every step of the way.

How Long Will It Take?

But how long will the whole process take? If your property is priced right, the property should sell quickly. Once your property is under contract the typical timeframe to close is 30 to 45 days.

This includes the following (typical timeframe and may vary based on your situation):

  • Buyers will do inspections if elected (first 10 to 15 days)
  • Negotiate any changes after inspections (5 days to negotiate)
  • Appraisal/Title search (1 week)
  • Mortgage commitment (1-2 weeks prior to closing)
  • City occupancy inspection
  • Schedule closing
  • Buyers walk through normally the day of closing
  • Cancel home owners ins and utilities for closing date
  • Closing Date

City Brokers is here to help make the selling and buying process go as smooth as possible. Contact Us Now to learn more about how City Brokers can help!

Below are some helpful tools to help you in your buying decision.

Mortgage Calculator

Affordability Calculator

Closing Costs Calculator


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