I have been working with a principal of City Brokers LLC for over five years.  When I first arrived in Wilkes-Barre and started my first project, he helped me acquire an abandoned bank building in the Downtown.  I wanted to convert it into a residential apartment building with commercial on the first floor.  He helped me with the acquisition and directed me through the zoning and building permit regulations.  Today I have successfully converted the building with City Brokers assistance.  They now lease and manage the building for me.


After successfully completing my first project, it was time for another and I asked Steve Barrouk if there were any other potential apartment buildings on the market.  He directed me to an abandoned school and church in Wilkes-Barre.  He negotiated the sale for me and once again he successfully led me through the zoning approval process.  The church portion of the project was converted to an art gallery and the school conversion to 30 apartments and is 90% occupied.  Concurrently, we negotiated the acquisition of an industrial building in the Municipality of Kingston and presented an adaptive reuse plan converting the building to residential.   We were successful and will start construction in twelve months.

I trust them and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for more than a sales agent.

Hysni “Sam” Syla

Our newest project involved the acquisition of two acres in the Downtown for the development of a new hotel and the construction of a high-end 40 unit, apartment building.  City Brokers is coordinating the development effort involving site planning, architecture and finance.  We expect to break ground in twelve months.


I came to town not knowing much about the community, but  through my association with Steve and City Brokers I have been able to successfully grow my business and make a lot of new friends.  I have a full working relationship with this firm and it has been very productive.   I trust them and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for more than a sales agent.