Commercial Real Estate

City Brokers can help with every phase of a Commercial Sale.

With multiple properties available at all times, City Brokers is constantly searching for revenue-producing, well-located properties that deliver on your investment.

With the use of a team-based approach you can be assured that you will get the attention you need, when you need it.

In addition to commercial sales, City Brokers offers commercial leasing and property management services. Please visit our Property Management page to learn more.

Our team is prepared to find, contract, and renovate commercial properties that match the type of investment you seek. While much of the renovation is done by City Brokers employees, we may use select, experienced subcontractors for larger projects. Just tell us what you want, and we’ll make it happen!

At City Brokers we specialize in all types of Commercial properties. No matter if it is a warehouse or either a  retail, office, industrial, apartment or mixed use building. The team at City Brokers has the knowledge and experience to get your property rented or sold!

Reasons to Invest in a Commercial Property:

  • The best reason to invest in a commercial property over a residential property is the earning potential. Commercial properties generally have a higher annual return than residential does.
  • Business owners tend to take pride in their business and tend to keep it in better condition.
  • The relationship tends to be more business like between the landlord and tenant which produces a better outcome. Since both parties have a vested interest in maintaining the looks of the property it will maintain if not improve the investment.
  • Typically, the leases are longer and could be triple net, meaning the tenant pays the utilities, taxes and insurance. Care charges can be charged to pay for ground maintenance, snow plowing, lawn care, etc. These types of charges are expected when the property is in a strip mall or there are multiple tenants on the same property.
  •  Due to limited hours of operation the property is not occupied 24 hours a day, 7 days a week like a residential tenant. Typically the tenants will only be there 5 days a week for 8 hours per day.
  • There is less chance of emotional pricing with commercial prices. Commercial pricing is based off net income if it is sold with a business otherwise it is based solely on the properties value.

Reasons NOT to Invest in a Commercial Property:

  • Care items – Although you collect money to cover some of these expenses, it will take time to record, bill and more. You are also responsible for coordinating the care and maintenance for the property. If you budget for a property management company, it is a true investment, otherwise you may find your investment property to be more of a part time job.
  • You need to have professional people do work at your commercial properties. These individuals need to be licensed and insured. The Do It Yourself mentality is not going to work on a Commercial Property.
  • Purchase prices tend to be much higher on Commercial properties which translates to more money down. This down payment could be between 20-40% down on an investment property, but has a larger return on investment.
  • Increased Risk due to being public with more people in and out that can fall or have accidents. Tenants would be required to have insurance for personal space and can pay for your policy and coverage. With Commercial properties there is just a greater risk of accidents due to the amount of traffic it will see versus a Residential Property.
  • For all Investment properties no matter if it is Commercial or Residential, if you do not live within 20 miles of the property you are managing you are required to have a property manager that is a licensed agent.